6 effective diet tips for your wedding

While we’re absolutely not suggesting you need to lose drastically weight before your wedding, but more on you want to get in shape for either your own big day or someone else’s. Hence you’ll be requiring a good diet plan to follow during the run-up.

Ideally, you should start planning your diet three months before the event. In case, you missed the bus we also have a plan for you as well. You also need to take care about diet during the run-up. The run-up (bachelors party, traditional feeding rituals) can contribute to your waistline quietly before you could realize. So keep your redder on!

We spoke to one of the sort after consultation nutritionist, Reshmi Roy Chowdhury at Reshmi’s Wellness to learn more about the lifestyle changes you can adopt 12, six, three and one month before your big day. She’s also shared her top tips for Coloroso readers to keep to hand while following a wedding diet plan.

6 to 12 months wedding diet plan

Not only are you super organised if you’ve got this long to follow a wedding diet plan, but you have enough time to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. ‘With this amount of time, you will be able to lose weight sustainably and gradually, which not only will help in keeping the weight off permanently but also make you beautiful, healthy and glowing inside-out.

Below Reshmi has shared her best tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for 6-12 months before your wedding day, to ensure you look and feel your best.


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