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LIVING IN A BOX : Unravelling the new normal


The lockdown has forced us to look around and feel more deeply. Social distancing does not necessarily translate to emotional distancing and we need to come to terms with the new normal. Most of our quarantine days are spent struggling with waves of anxiety about all that is happening. However, it also nudges us gently to introspect. Solitude and selfhood require us to pause and ponder.
It is quite easy to lose sense of time as the days become a blur of moments. Now maybe the perfect time to have a new morning routine, nurture the house plants, pick a new hobby, or try that recipe which you’ve always wanted too. Let this period be a preparation for the post-Corona world, which we like to believe will be more kind and empathetic. Often we forget the power of creating one’s own space.
We are all living in boxes, be it our room, our laptops, or our mobiles. Work from home is the new normal and endless hours of staring at a screen seem to be the only regular routine. What can we do to break, as Wordsworth would have said, the dreary intercourse of daily life? We can create. Now more than ever is the time to let our imagination venture out of all these boxes, for it to fly to the places that our heart aches to visit, and to embrace it when it wants to tell a story. Dust the journal that you have hidden away somewhere, take out the paints, recall the long-forgotten stitches, find your way back to old books-  every object in your house can unfold a part of you. Creating something, even if it is small, it will change your day for better. Do it for yourself, and you’ll enjoy the simple joys in life a little more. Look around, inspiration is everywhere, you just have to add your own unique touch to it.
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