Lavanya meaning “beauty and grace” in Sanskrit brings to mind the eternal presence and manifestation of feminine charm. Shakti in principle represents the creative and sustaining divine energy personified as the supreme deity.

Lavanyashakti is the feminine power that rules the universe, is pure of existence and transcends all barriers of human experience. Lavanya Shaktimoyee is one who seeks a higher existence through beauty, courage, compassion and love. Lavanyashakti was launched in 2016 aimed to expand and explore all aspects of beauty as it is understood in the modern world. It created an ever-morphing, yet beyond the seasonal concept of beauty; to seek beauty born of inner purpose, strength, positivity, and action. Lavanyashakti was that experience which illuminated one from within to exist at a higher purpose.

On 8 November 2016 at New Light Kolkata, we accomplished one of the most courageous projects anyone could ever dream of. Through Lavanyashakti five women who have been exemplary survivors of trafficking and sex trade emerged from the shadows with unspeakable resilience and transformation. The women Kajol, SiulI, Sima, Pratima and Rupa reached across the darkness and pain to touch the colours of Coloroso. They reposed their trust and love in the hands of designer and creator of Coloroso Joydeep Roy, photographer Nilanjan Basu , stylist and artist Shubha Kenworthy, makeover magician Abhijit Chanda and above all Urmi Basu, Founder & Director, New Light, to be the first women to emerge from the shadows of five red-light districts of Kolkata. Yes, they are real. They are daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. If beauty is power, these women can launch a spaceship. New Light Kolkata believes in real empowerment through the restoration of dignity and right to freedom. Support these women to create their own future.

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